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Anja Attema, Financial Life Coach

As a Financial Life Coach, I empower people to make the most of the assets they have.  I enable clients to  embrace future ambitions that may be more attainable than they realize.

What is Your Financial Story?

Are you Struggling Financially?

Financial stress can be the result of unhealthy financial habits, poor money management or unexpected circumstances such as job loss, divorce or death of a spouse.

Does the thought of getting your finances in order overwhelm you?

You spend significant time working to make money yet your money may be slipping through the cracks. Let’s find all the money that is rightfully yours.

Are you in a life transition?

Whether you are getting married, starting a family, changing jobs, or buying a home, now is a perfect time to take stock and determine where you are heading.

Has COVID-19 caused you financial stress?

You may need help navigating through the government funding programs or determining what is next for you.

My Story

It concerns me that most of the population has little access to financial advice. I offer solutions. My skills and expertise help others break through the challenges that they are facing and work toward true financial progress.

I can help whatever your financial situation might be.


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Aging Parents

Meet Alice, Bob & Wendy


After Loss

Wilma's Story

"Coaching brings focussed attention, clarity, commitment and strategy together to reach a desired goal."
Anja Attema
Financial Life Coach

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A Personalized Approach

This client-driven approach is empowering.

Flexible and Safe

Coaching is safely available in Canada via Zoom, and can work within your busy schedule.

Fully Confidential

Your privacy is very important to us therefore a confidentiality agreement is always signed at the outset.

Get started today or help someone you care about.