After Loss


Support at a Time of Tragedy

Several years ago I lost my husband in an accident. It was a terrible tragedy. No words can describe the loss that not only I felt, but the loss to our whole family. We were devastated.

It was only days later that I became consumed with fear. I had no idea how to take care of my finances or how I would be able to keep my house, or how would I live without him. My husband took care of all those things for me. I felt overwhelmed and alone.

It became very important for me to learn how to manage it all so I would not lose my house and all my husband and I had worked so hard to accomplish. To me our house was my safe place and the thought of losing that too was unbearable.

I felt I had no control over anything in my life. My finances was the one thing I thought I could learn and have control over. I asked Anja if she could help me.

Right from the start she made me feel so much better. She assured me that she could help me, and also teach me and she assured me that I would be okay.

Anja drew up a plan for me. Anja gathered all the financial details available. She put it together in a binder which included a detailed plan and strategy we could put in place to keep my home and not live with financial stress. I had a lot of anxiety so having this binder available to look at whenever I needed to, showed me all was going to be okay.

Whenever I had a question or fear I could call her and she would guide me through it. She helped me in such a way that some of my worries were able to go away.

Losing him never ends. I still get mail delivered to me with his name on it. At first that was so devastating. There was so many things I had to change. Bank accounts, Bell, gas, hydro, church, school, Amazon accounts, the list goes on and was endless and incredibly overwhelming. But through all of this I felt so much support. I really was not alone. Anja played such a big part.

I truly have no words to say how grateful and blessed I felt and still feel to have her right there helping me. She truly was an enormous gift to me and my family. I can’t thank her enough.


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