Aging Parents

Alice & Bob

Planning for Now and the Future

When my father passed away our lives certainly changed. We were concerned about my Mom, she seemed be be struggling on her own. 

As a family we knew that something needed to be done for Mom and for us so that we didn’t have to worry about her. We also wanted to have an active role in the twilight of her life. We wanted to buy a house that included an apartment for her.  A place where she was free to be with us or to be by herself.

When we started looking we found that what we wanted was out of our price range. Anja valued what we were doing and worked closely with us to come up with a plan that worked for all involved. 

Our meetings were a combination of brainstorming, and learning about risks and trade offs. We came up with a plan that would help us find a place that we could all call home.

Years later, when Mom developed Alzheimer’s a new plan was put in place by Anja allowing for us to create time and space in our home to focus on Mom’s day to day care and well being. 

Working with Anja we came up with ideas that we may not have considered. Being proactive with good planning gave us peace of mind. We were able to focus on Mom’s care or just enjoy our time together with her. Knowing all the logistic and financial details were worked out, we were able to be fully present with Mom during the last chapters of her life. 

Bob & Wendy

Success takes place when we look beyond resources and lean into resourcefulness.

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