Church Community

Caring in the Community

Providing Financial Coaching is an effective and meaningful way to help others

Helping those within the church or in the surrounding community presents an opportunity to build relationships and show Christ’s love in a meaningful way.

The Goal

Benevolence – walking alongside those who are in need.

The Challenge

Karla, Diaconal Ministries Developer (DMD Classis Eastern Canada), reflects on a meeting she had with a group of Deacons.

“Their overwhelming concern is…benevolence. It seems Deacons feel stuck in the cycle of just meeting people’s immediate needs for paying bills, providing food, etc. All the deacons have a sense that “walking alongside” someone is better than just paying their bills, but how exactly do we accomplish that? What is the first step? I think people aren’t sure how to even start to get from the model we’ve traditionally used to that more relational approach.” 

The Solution

Provide Financial Life Coaching services as a tool to uncover the reality of the situation and to be provided with a plan moving forward.  Once this is accomplished, Deacons are better equipped to “walk alongside” and provide support for needs and solutions that have been uncovered.

Financial Life Coaching services will provide the following.  Note: Churches, individuals or those helping others can be involved in implementing and follow up.

  • Financial Assessment
  • Uncovering the reality of an individual’s financial situation
  • Determine individuals goals and barriers
  • Create strategies
  • Implement the plan
  • Monitor -follow up
Get started today or help someone you care about.

What to expect.

First Meeting

Financial Assessment:
By gathering and documenting all financial information, this valuable tool will help to better understand your present financial situation. A Financial Assessment often uncovers the scope of the problem, allowing us to move towards solutions.

Determining what you wish to accomplish

  • Are you having difficulty paying your bills
  • Is this about addressing tough financial problems?
  • Is this about navigating a life transitions?
  • Is this a combination of all of the above?

We’ll discuss what is important to you, what your goals are, and what barriers you face.

Second Meeting


Together we will think outside of box to expand your present story. During this step, we’ll create a new plan with practical strategies and review how to best implement the plan.

A discussion on moving forward may include additional services:

  • accountability
  • education
  • complexity of the situation

Expected costs between $100 -$250 based on situation.

Follow Up

Detailed Report

Your personalized report includes:

  • summary of both meetings
  • assessment
  • strategy
  • plans for implementation
  • recommendations for moving forward to reach your goals (a to do list of sorts)
  • costs for additional partnering, if required