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“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”
Financial Life Coaching

As a Financial Life Coach, I empower people to live their ideal lives by making the most of the assets they have and by helping them embrace future ambitions that may be more attainable than they realize.  Get professional advice, contact us today

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Financial Tune Up

There often are signs when your vehicle requires a tune up. When signs are ignored, small problems can become big problems, expensive problems.  A mechanic has the tools and expertise to tune up your car.
A Financial Tune Up is similar.
A financial tune up is not only useful to uncover problems and strategize solutions but also to explore your goals, and how to work towards them. Managing your money properly is as important as earning it.

Debt Improvement

Debt is a burden and weighs heavily on many Canadians. It causes stress and is a barrier to achieving financial freedom. 
Debt Improvement is a program to slowly but surely chisel away unhealthy debt. It may feel insurmountable but it is not. Tackling debt is accomplished one step at a time. You will be coached each step of the way.

Coaching is available throughout Canada via Zoom.

Together we will find solutions by understanding your entire financial picture. Thinking out of the box is encouraged to find alternatives which may have been overlooked. Sometimes success takes place when we look beyond resources and lean into resourcefulness.

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About Financial Life Coaching

An individualized approach based on the client’s situation and what the client wishes to achieve.
Education helps clients take a deeper look at their personal relationships with money, habits, and emotional issues.
I offer encouragement when the process gets difficult, to keep you on track, and hold you accountable to your goals and directives (which can, of course, change with time).